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Are you intrigued by the ability to get healthier personal care and wellness products for you and your family, to be able to get them by ordering online in your pajamas at midnight, and to be able to create a flexible stream of income as well?  Joining my business might be the perfect fit for you.  My goal is always to teach people how to create an income that can be life-changing while fitting the business around a busy life.  We do not do parties or sales-y stuff; we create a network of consumers and we have a great time doing it!

I found Arbonne because I have sensitive skin and many products I had tried from high end and low end retail outlets DID NOT work for me (or for my son, who has eczema too!).  After falling in love with so many of the 400+ products, I realized that I was not getting any younger and if I was going to create a life that matched my dreams, I had better get moving.  The concept of creating a network means that I am helping people to switch their spending on products they already buy and use anyway (and in the process, saving money by cutting out the middleman and buying directly) and showing them how to help others do the same.  Our huge network of product users means that we are creating a leveraged residual income — earning money while we sleep.  🙂

I have a video clip that I invite you to take a look at for more information: How Arbonne Works.  Also, find me on Facebook (Arbonne: Cheryl Fischer) or my website

If you are in the US, Canada, Poland, the UK, or Australia, I would be happy to set up a phone call or Skype with you to see whether we might be able to create an amazing business together.  It is my passion to show people how to get healthier products, bypass the middlemen, and create a dream life.  To your dreams!

Cheryl (82 Posts)

I am a wife and mom and animal lover who is passionate about health and about following my dreams. I am a lover of change and challenges! I started my home business almost two years ago and I have been able to switch to part-time instead of full-time high school teaching. How wonderful to be creating a dream life and helping others to do so as well -- all while finding healthier versions of products we all use everyday.

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