Vlog #5: How to Use Makeup Primer; Why to Use Makeup Primer?

Here’s the latest installment in my video blog:  Makeup Primer!  I tend to switch between health related subjects and business related subjects, and I think this qualifies for both.  In business – especially as an entrepreneur – you need to put your best foot forward and look professional and successful.  And health-wise, you need to be very careful about the ingredients in your products, since EVERYTHING you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and organs within 26 seconds.

I hope you enjoy this quick how and why video!  Please comment below or head over to YouTube and give me a thumbs up or comment if you liked it.

Cheryl (82 Posts)

I am a wife and mom and animal lover who is passionate about health and about following my dreams. I am a lover of change and challenges! I started my home business almost two years ago and I have been able to switch to part-time instead of full-time high school teaching. How wonderful to be creating a dream life and helping others to do so as well -- all while finding healthier versions of products we all use everyday.

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