The Problem is Sugar, Not Fat

fitnessToday is Super Bowl Day and in the USA many of us will be chowing down on all kinds of salty and sugary appetizers, snacks, and desserts.  Moderation is key in our day-to-day lives, but there are some small (or big) changes that we can make that will reap big rewards in our long-term health.


The elimination of refined sugar and processed sugar from our diets is one of those big changes that can life altering.  Take a look at this post from Dr. Josh Axe on Facebook:


A few questions and answers:
1.  Does this mean that fruit is bad, because I know fruit is sugary?  NO — we need to stay away from refined sugar.  Fruit contains sugar in its natural form and our bodies are meant to consume and digest that sugar (which comes along with key vitamins and nutrients as well).

2.  Should I use artificial sweeteners instead?  NO — there are numerous studies that show that extensive use of artificial sweeteners can cause problems such as increased weight gain as we crave more sweetness, headaches, digestive issues, brain issues, etc.  If you want a sweet taste, investigate various herbs and spices that can help or try stevia (ideally in liquid form), which is a plant.

3.  Do I have to change everything today?  NO — Try some small changes!  If we can gradually replace sugary foods in our diet with healthier options, those small changes will add up.  And as we retrain our palates to enjoy other tastes and sensations, the sugar craving will gradually lessen.  This doesn’t have to be cold-turkey – especially if you know you would just cheat anyway!  (That’s me…)

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What small changes have you made to reduce your refined sugar intake?  Share your ideas with us!

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