Free to Blog Subscribers: Detox & Go Green

So many people are joining me in clean eating and detoxing or asking me about what I’m up to.   And we can wrap “going green” into that as well, since the practices used to make our food and other products are a key issue … Continue Reading →

Free E-book: Going Green from the Inside Out

I focus on both health and business related issues with this blog, and usually these posts represent my journey through each area.  We all have something to learn, and as I learn, I share!  The wonderful Beth Donnelly of The Regal Fig Co recently offered me … Continue Reading →

3 Ingredients to Look Out for in Lotions, Shampoos, Cosmetics

Do you read the labels on your lotions?  Do you pick out a particular shampoo or face wash after reading the ingredients?  Most of us purchase the items that we saw in an ad, or that our parents used, or that happened to be on … Continue Reading →

Vlog #2: 4 Ways to Heal and Soothe Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Small changes can make a big difference in health and in life.  Here’s my second video blog and this time we’re focusing on a troubling health issue for many people:  eczema.  I have had great success in calming my skin and wanted to share my … Continue Reading →