Going Video – The Accidental Entrepreneur

I’ve been casting about for ways in which to share my story and the things I’ve learned during my 5 year network marketing journey, and I’ve settled on video.  Welcome to the new series “The Accidental Entrepreneur.”  I’ll be posting the videos on my YouTube … Continue Reading →

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The Circle of Advertising: Have You Thought About It?

Hi friends and followers, I’m back!  This blog and I have had our busy and our slow periods, but here I am to continue chronicling my network marketing business for you.  Today I’m pondering something I talk about often: ads.  Who pays for them?  Does … Continue Reading →


This Week’s Lesson: Make It Fun!

As I continue turning my home/online business on its ear and switching to a network marketing system, I’m learning things!  This week’s lesson appeared over and over again — make it fun.  You may be in a related business or you may not, but I think … Continue Reading →

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I Found Mine. Have You Found Your Fire?

Hi reader.  I’m back, and it’s been a while.  I hope you are well.  I started my blog about two years ago while working as a teacher part-time and searching for a way to grow my health and wellness business.  Life moves and changes, and … Continue Reading →

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If It’s Cheaper, Is That All That Matters?

You know by now that I believe in positive thinking, and making small changes that have big effects in the long run, and assuming good intentions, and caring about people no matter what.  But something is frustrating me today.  I’m curious to know whether this … Continue Reading →

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Count Your Blessings: How to Recognize How Far You’ve Come

We all have our down days and our days when we wonder if we’ve really accomplished anything lately.  I’m writing this post a week before Thanksgiving, and the idea of giving thanks caused me to pause and wonder how we can switch our thinking out … Continue Reading →

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Vlog #8: What is Network Marketing? What is MLM? Why Do People Get Involved in Direct Sales?

I’m happily growing my network marketing business but I started to think the other day that many people may not really know what these businesses are, or why a company would choose to operate in this way, or why a person would choose to start … Continue Reading →

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Do You Have a Big Goal? Do You Need One?

Big goal, huge!  Have you heard trainers and read authors who give the advice that you should create a big goal for yourself?  Have they stated that it should be big enough to make you uncomfortable, and maybe give you just a little stomachache?  What … Continue Reading →

Pinterest and Network Marketing

3 Ways that Network Marketing and Pinterest are Alike

One of my goals with this blog is to be able to explain the network marketing business structure to friends and potential partners in a way that is clear and valuable.  Network marketing is word-of-mouth grassroots advertising in a supportive team environment, and it’s fun. … Continue Reading →


Why Should I Keep Going When It’s Hard?

Never Give Up My friend and colleague, Marybeth C., posted this cartoon on her Facebook page the other day (from www.funelf.net).  I am thrilled to share it with you, because this image is now burned on my brain and will most definitely keep me going!  … Continue Reading →