The Circle of Advertising: Have You Thought About It?

Hi friends and followers, I’m back!  This blog and I have had our busy and our slow periods, but here I am to continue chronicling my network marketing business for you.  Today I’m pondering something I talk about often: ads.  Who pays for them?  Does … Continue Reading →

My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of the SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party! It’s a new month and we have some new stuff happening with our awesome blog party.  First off, I have 2 new hosts who will be helping me kick off the … Continue Reading →

A New Way to Grow and Cross Promote Blog and Facebook Page Views!

Here’s a quick “how to” post for this Friday morning!  I just found out that it’s now possible to embed Facebook posts into blog pages.  This seems like a pretty awesome option for cross promoting fan pages and your blog.  And, as we know, it’s … Continue Reading →

Shout-out: Thankful for The Help, Inspiration, and Lessons From…

I started blogging about six months ago, and to be honest, did not particularly know what I was doing.  I have had some great help and inspiration along the way and I thought today would be a great day to share some of my resources … Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Make Networking Groups Work for You; How to Network

Have you ever considered trying a Meet Up group?  Or maybe a BNI meeting?  Or maybe a seminar or training session for small business owners or women in business?  Did you hesitate because you worried about knowing how to network?  This was my concern up … Continue Reading →

3 Ways that Network Marketing and Pinterest are Alike

One of my goals with this blog is to be able to explain the network marketing business structure to friends and potential partners in a way that is clear and valuable.  Network marketing is word-of-mouth grassroots advertising in a supportive team environment, and it’s fun. … Continue Reading →

Retail costs, Advertising power

We are conditioned in this country (and in many countries) to buy what retailers and advertisers tell us to buy.  I never questioned this reality until I started having sensitivities to certain products and needed to find something new.  This search for another option led … Continue Reading →