What is Network Marketing and What Do I Do?

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5:30 a.m… What? Starting the Day Right

Happy New Year!  I took a few weeks’ break from blogging and I really did feel it tugging at my mind.  I wanted to come back here and communicate more regularly.  Life, holidays, family, and a rapidly growing business kept me otherwise occupied, however, and … Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Passion For Your Business? A Team Mission? Why Do You Need One?

Sometimes it seems that the universe is trying to give me a message.  So many things have converged over the past few days to make me think about passion and my mission as an entrepreneur, that I could tell that I needed to give this … Continue Reading →

I Love Drop Dead Diva. What Do The TV Shows We Watch Say About Us?

If you watch TV, I wonder if you’ve ever stopped to think about which shows you choose and why.  Every summer I am excited when Drop Dead Diva comes back, and this morning I stopped to think… Why do I love a particular show?  Does … Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Be Awesome… Do Your Best … Give It Your All

Sometimes I get frustrated about what I didn’t accomplish in a day or I feel like I wish I really had done better with a project or business item I was working on.  It’s not a good feeling.  Does this happen to you?  Solution:  Be … Continue Reading →

Blogging: Kickin’ It Old School

I was reading some of my favorite blogs today and found a very fun idea.  ThetaMom and  The Miss Elaine-ous Life are bringing back some old school blogging.  Remember the “Notes” on Facebook?  This is the same idea.  Simply copy/paste the following questions and post your … Continue Reading →

Do more, laugh a lot

My favorite blog post of this week: On the Corner of Dream Ave. and Believe St.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post by mamawolfe: On the Corner of Dream Ave. and Believe St.: Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone.  One major theme of my blog has been the challenges and successes we all face as we walk through life trying … Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Big Goal? Do You Need One?

Big goal, huge!  Have you heard trainers and read authors who give the advice that you should create a big goal for yourself?  Have they stated that it should be big enough to make you uncomfortable, and maybe give you just a little stomachache?  What … Continue Reading →

Write the Check! Guest Blogger Leah Jantzen

Today’s guest blog comes from Life and Business Coach Leah Jantzen.  Mother of 4, Leah empowers women to design and create a life that meets their ambitious needs while fulfilling their motherly duties; “rocking their business while rocking their babies!” My dad is what you … Continue Reading →

Why Should I Keep Going When It’s Hard?

Never Give Up My friend and colleague, Marybeth C., posted this cartoon on her Facebook page the other day (from www.funelf.net).  I am thrilled to share it with you, because this image is now burned on my brain and will most definitely keep me going!  … Continue Reading →