Reunions and Getting Older… It’s All About the Attitude

fall pledge classI’ve been offline these past two weeks for a bit. My home business is growing very quickly and I am working hard and loving every minute.  But… that means that my blog has suffered a little bit and I’ve hit some writer’s blocks.  Thank goodness for my wonderful networking connections at Femworking – this fabulous group of women has passed along some amazing advice and many great topics are in the works for new health and biz posts!

That being said, this weekend is a big reunion year for me at my alma mater in NC.  I am so excited to go and see some friends with whom I spent four wonderful years.  We all, of course, look exactly the same as we did then (right?) and we probably will act exactly the same in our own happy goofy ways.  I have been pondering the fact that it is a very good thing that phones with video cameras did NOT exist when I was in college.

At any rate, this reunion is a happy thing.  It has led me to think, however, that it could have been different.  If I were not happy with my career, my direction in life, my family, etc at this point, a reunion could be hard to handle.  I know that there are so many out there who have struggled in some way or another and would have a hard time going back to visit their college and see their college friends.  Putting aside major health issues, which happen to all of us without warning sometimes, I think attending a reunion is all about the attitude.  Am I older than I was in college?  YES.  (I have kids in middle school, for heaven’s sake.)  Am I wiser?  Maybe.  Am I happy?  Yes (we all have our down days but most are up).  I choose to go to this reunion and feel young and enjoy my friends and their families and pretend I’m a college student, just for two days.

How do you feel about reunions?  Have you attended one that you particularly enjoyed?  Share with us!

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