Do You Have a Passion For Your Business? A Team Mission? Why Do You Need One?

quote dreamSometimes it seems that the universe is trying to give me a message.  So many things have converged over the past few days to make me think about passion and my mission as an entrepreneur, that I could tell that I needed to give this issue some thought and make some decisions.  I confess that I have been, to this point, the type of person who has very little patience with “mission statements” and “goals and objectives.”  (By the way, what is the difference between a goal and an objective?)  I wanted to do my job and do it well and follow the procedures and offer the information or training or consulting or analysis needed and move on.  When I started my own business, I learned everything I could about the products I am offering, the ways in which I could share the information, and the ways in which I could teach others.  Straightforward, analytically clear.


But for some time I’ve been feeling a little like I was lacking in direction.  There are definitely lifestyle changes that I am working towards for my family, and my business is gradually getting us there.  But why would others care about my lifestyle issues?  I encourage my business partners to give a lot of thought to their “why” – which means that we all need to be able to express to others why we started a business, where we are going, and what our big dreams are.  (Many people have trouble creating their why – it seems we have stopped creating big dreams and begun just following the crowd and working at whatever we are supposed to be working at.  Ho Hum.  That’s the subject of another post.)  I have plenty of “why’s” (as I’m sure you do if you are an entrepreneur of any type):  pay for the kids to go wherever they would like to for college; have a house at the lake; finish the basement; vacation to Europe; create savings accounts for future grand-kids; create self image programs for tween and teen girls (see, it’s not all about me!); etc…  These dreams and goals do help me keep going in building my business — but I am looking to find other people who would like to join me in my business as well, and I am marketing products without the mass marketing voices of TV, radio, and magazines — so I/we need to be able to really speak to people.  I’m betting you don’t care about the fact that I want a lake house, right?  I realized this when I was reading about another unrelated business and found myself thinking, “That’s all well and good, but I don’t care.”

What was lacking?  PASSION and a MISSION.  I happened across three different videos/articles within the past few days and all of them focused on the need to have a MISSION in our businesses.  And this mission needs to be about the customer or society or helping somebody with something.  This mission needs to speak to others and touch their hearts — and this mission needs to speak to us and our teams in our own businesses.  What’s going to keep you and I going on a frustrating day or during a lackluster period?  PASSION for our MISSION.  And that mission has got to be big and important and true and emotional.  It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it gets us in the heart and the gut and we believe in our mission.  When that happens, we are unstoppable.


This is somewhat of a stream-of-consciousness post since I’m walking through my thought process this week.  When something really hits to the heart of an issue, however, I think maybe my thoughts can help others as well.  Maybe you are facing the issue of moving along and moving along and still wondering just a bit about exactly where you are going and why others don’t see it.  Could that be true for you?  I’ll ask you – what is your passion?  What issue or activity or product or service gets your heart pumping and raises your energy level just as you think about it?  That is the key.

So now I am working on my Mission Statement – after pooh-poohing the concept for a long time, I am jumping on board.  We need to be able to express our passion for our businesses in a way that speaks to other people – potential partners, customers, supporters.  That is why we need a mission statement.  Here it goes… (first draft):

My mission and my passion is educating women about the simple changes we can make in foods we eat, products we use, and choices we make, in order to creative massive changes in our health and quality of life.  There are so many little things we use every day – from something as simple as shampoo and lotion, to vitamins and caffeinated drinks, to lipstick – and we often have no idea what these items can do to us and our families.  Everything sold in stores is NOT totally safe and everything offered as food is NOT actually good for us.  What a great joy it is to help people to make changes that can solve skin problems, help with weight-loss, and empower women to feel knowledgeable and in charge of their lives.  I am an educator and a life-changer and it all comes down to health.  And I aim to grow this mission as others decide to join me as well.

What do you think?  How is that as a first draft of a mission?  Of all the aspects of my business, it is the health research and education that I love the most — I’m excited even writing about it.  Find that for yourself!  Let me know what your passion is in your comments below!




Cheryl (82 Posts)

I am a wife and mom and animal lover who is passionate about health and about following my dreams. I am a lover of change and challenges! I started my home business almost two years ago and I have been able to switch to part-time instead of full-time high school teaching. How wonderful to be creating a dream life and helping others to do so as well -- all while finding healthier versions of products we all use everyday.

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