Are You Focusing On the Right Things?

Hi readers!  Long time, no see.  It’s been a month since my last blog post and I apologize for that.  I lost my focus.  Has a loss of focus happened to you?  Do you find yourself turning in circles with regards to job or life or goals, without a real understanding of how you got there?  I think this happens to a lot of us, so here’s my story – maybe it will help.

Image by luigi diamante /

Image by luigi diamante /

I have my own business alongside this blog.  The two are separate but related, since my business is health and wellness oriented and the entrepreneurship involved with that business has taught me many of the lessons that I write about here.  I also teach part-time as I gradually continue to ease myself out of the traditional working world and into entrepreneurship and blogging.  This spring, my family sat down to make some financial decisions.  There are a few things that we are doing and want to do that will be great in the long term but that cost money now.  So I realized that more income right away would be a good thing.

Let me tell you, “more income right away” is a tall order.  I went in all different directions!  I considered new part-time options, I added tutoring clients, I investigated work at home jobs, and I read all sorts of online trainings and info pages about creating an income.  As you might have guessed, jumping about in all directions at once is not particularly productive.  Most of these things didn’t pan out.  And then after a few weeks of a total loss of focus, I realized something very big.  I HAVE A BUSINESS.  I have been building that business for three years.  Why was I thinking that adding something new and splitting my time between even more things would be a good solution?  Why would I not just focus more time on my existing business?  After all, I personally know people who are so successful with this business that neither they nor their spouse needs to work in any traditional job.  Why wouldn’t I be able to achieve that as well?

Well, the answer is that I can achieve that success as well.  And if I would simply go all in and declare that this is what I do and that I will make this work no matter what, then it will happen.  And if I need it to happen faster?  Well if I focus my time, do a bit more, and work a bit more efficiently then faster is doable too!  What a great feeling it is to refocus and come back to a main and meaningful goal.  And things have started to happen that are really great.

I think that the lesson I learned this spring is applicable to so many challenges we face.  Do you have a big dream that you haven’t yet been able to accomplish?  Or have you started a business and find yourself running all over the place doing a thousand different projects?  Ask yourself which one has the best possible chance for success – the biggest payoff – and DO THAT ONE.  Ask yourself which action you could take each day that is the most direct route to your dream.  DO THAT FIRST.

I know I am not the first person to write about this, but sometimes we need to go through the difficulties and learn for ourselves in order to learn the lessons we needed to learn.  Maybe in some small way I can help you.  The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side or near the new idea.   Think through your current idea and your current business thoroughly, and don’t run away from the possible success that is there for you if you can stick it out.

Let me know below what you think!


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I am a wife and mom and animal lover who is passionate about health and about following my dreams. I am a lover of change and challenges! I started my home business almost two years ago and I have been able to switch to part-time instead of full-time high school teaching. How wonderful to be creating a dream life and helping others to do so as well -- all while finding healthier versions of products we all use everyday.

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  • Susan says:

    Ah, the scattered tendencies of our water sign! :-). Seriously though, focusing on our entrepreneurial endeavors by keeping our action plans front and center leads us through muddy waters sometimes only to bring us to a bigger pond of clarity. That’s when we know we are making progress. And then the process may recycle.

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