I Found Mine. Have You Found Your Fire?

Photo by Idea go / freedigitalphotos.net

Photo by Idea go / freedigitalphotos.net

Hi reader.  I’m back, and it’s been a while.  I hope you are well.  I started my blog about two years ago while working as a teacher part-time and searching for a way to grow my health and wellness business.  Life moves and changes, and last summer I put the blog down for a while.  I’m still sharing posts, but I haven’t written anything new in a long time.

But when we search for things in life and put our all into the task, it seems that events and people arrive at exactly the right time to help us, or push us, or challenge us.  I’ve realized some big things in the past six months about my priorities and my business, and in the past 6 weeks I’ve revamped my goals and my entire home/online business system.  And, amazingly enough, all this change has come with new and amazing friends and mentors to help me along.  I’ve found my fire!

Let me see if I can give you a brief overview.  I’ve been a consultant for an international skincare and wellness business for four years.  In addition to that I am a high school teacher (part-time / full-time, depending on the year).  My wellness business is intended to be my sole income source and I have been working HARD to make that so.  Along this four year path I learned that there were a lot of ways in which I needed to grow and mature in order to create a business of my own.  (Why are we so mean to ourselves?  We’d never speak to others in that way!)  I’ve been studying positive thinking, reading about creating what we want with our thoughts and words, starting to rise early to have a productive and positive day, and learning about so many other related topics.  (I’ll share more on this soon!)  Every now and then I’d wonder why I hadn’t yet seen the amazing results that some authors and participants had seen.  But it’s important not to go down that comparison path, because my results are arriving now and I’m seeing that this is exactly the right time.

So what do you do when you have a business that you believe in with your whole heart and mind, but one that you can’t figure out how to grow beyond its current (healthy) size?  You hope and trust that you’ll find a way.  About 6 weeks ago I went on a trip that I had earned from my company, and I met three women who have become mentors for me.  They are consultants with the same company and they are inspiring!  I came home and changed everything about how I was structuring my business.

As I started to make changes, I reconnected with a client who is also a business and personal coach.  We’ve created a coaching relationship that is very special, and it’s something that I wasn’t really looking for but am so glad I found.  She asked me recently what my goals are.  I told her that I wanted to promote to the VP level in my company.  She asked me why, then why that, then why the next thing.  We hit bedrock – I want more time and mental energy for my family and I want… what?  I was stuck.  What if your business/job ran well and smoothly with about 10-15 hours of work a week?  What would you do with your time?  What would your life goals be?  Do you know?  I didn’t.  Lying on the couch watching TV is not a compelling enough goal…  *Light bulb moment* – maybe I haven’t had a quickly growing business because I didn’t really know where I was headed.  Hmm…

And then over the last two weeks, I found my big goal – MY FIRE.  I attended my company’s annual conference and really paid attention to the charitable foundation we have created.  Teen self-esteem is the major focus.  I was intrigued, and I know for sure that continuing to wear some “labels” from my childhood/teen years has been a source of distraction for me.  I started to ponder the idea of helping others to avoid being held back by their labels as I had been.  This week, I attended a monthly networking meeting in my area (one that I had been tempted to skip because I was TIRED) and heard the founder and CEO of Sunshine Nut Company speak.  He told us about the 90% of profits that his company gives to local orphanages, educators, and other causes in Africa.  He is on the ground helping people directly.  I was choked up.  I watched story after story of teens and young adults who now had hope and something to live for.  I found my fire.

So now, I am building my business in order to create a life in which I have the time and the funds to change the lives of teens and young adults.  I can foresee self-esteem and positive thinking programs here in the local area.  I can foresee finding ways to teach teens that what matters is how they view themselves – not the views of anyone else.  And I can foresee getting involved internationally in some of the grassroots development that is happening all over the world. #hopegiver

And now I have a reason to build my business to the point where it’s a crazy huge income.  It was never the money that motivated me, and I struggled to figure out what I wanted.  I’d love a few more creature comforts for me and my family, of course, but this is bigger.  Now I know where I want to be able to use the income that my business makes.

Photo by Keerati / freedigitalphotos.net

Photo by Keerati / freedigitalphotos.net

What about you?  Do you have a goal or a cause that makes you tear up or instantly get energized?  If so, great!  If not, think about it.  Try on different ideas.  When you find your fire, you’ll know.

And so, blog readers, I’m going to change this blog around.  I’m creating an exciting and dynamic network marketing business; I’m starting now; I’m growing it big so that I can make a difference in the world.  I’m going to use this blog to chronicle my ups and downs, my learning, and just generally how the growth of a network marketing business comes about.  If that’s not up your alley, I understand!  All the best to you.  But if you’re curious as to how it all goes as I walk along on this adventure, stay tuned.  And I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me too!


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