Favorite Blog Post this Week: 15 Things to Know About Nutrition

Vibrant ProduceToday I have found some great information for you!  I am a fan of AuthorityNutrition online; author Kris Gunnars focuses on finding the actual research behind health claims, nutrition theories, diet plans, “miracle foods,” etc.  Providing evidence-based information is not easy; if you have done any research online about one health claim or another, you’ll see that there are conflicting ideas and studies galore.  It’s very difficult to tell who is doing a scientifically valid study and who is not doing so.  It’s also hard to know whether a particular food or treatment or eating plan will work for you.  Our bodies are all different and we respond in varying ways to what we eat and what we drink and how we live.  That being said, I’m impressed with Authority Nutrition’s list of the 15 things we all need to know.  Take a look — do you agree or disagree?

To paraphrase from the list, my favorites are:

  • As the Western diet expands to other countries, diseases follow – within a couple of years.  (Yikes!)
  • The media often reports on medical studies and medical findings that make no sense or are taken out of context.  If you know statistics, you know that it’s very easy to make numbers say whatever you want them to say.  This issue makes it all the more difficult to know whom to believe.
  • Fat and carbs are not what are making us fat, and sugar is a key enemy.  (Check out my prior post — The Problem is Sugar, Not Fat.)

Go visit Authority Nutrition and read the rest of this list of 15 Things that Everyone Needs to Know about Nutrition.  Maybe you’ll find something that makes a difference for you.  And that’s why I’m here — little things, big difference.  Let me know what ideas you were surprised about, completely agree with, or can’t stand.  I’d love to hear from you.




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