Favorite Blog Posts: The 411 on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

greeneryI like to highlight well written, helpful, and/or inspiring blog posts every couple of weeks.  This week my mind has been on labeling, with regards to food (Google Whole Foods and see what’s going on) and with regards to skin care and cosmetics as well.  I have been uncomfortable for some time with the prevalence of GMOs in our food supply in the US, but I have had a lot of learning to do as well.  My company’s ingredients are all screened for GMOs, but that is not the case with many products (especially non-food).

This week, one of my favorite green blogs Green Moms and Kids posted a fantastic overview of GMO and what these items are, how prevalent they are, and what the concerns might be.  You will find this post to be very informative, I hope! See blog post at The 411 on GMO.

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