Favorite Blog Post of the Week: 8 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body

leafIt seems that this time of year, as school begins and summer fun wanes, many of us are feeling the need to get healthy.  Maybe we overindulged during the summer or maybe we simply didn’t take care of ourselves as we should have.  I have been asked multiple times lately about my company’s body detox product (which I love) and about ways to detox and get clean.  In my continuing quest for new and helpful information, I found a fabulous list of natural ways to help with detox.  National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, D.C. provided a blog post earlier this year that steps us through 8 natural detox ideas.  Check the full post out here.

Some of the items on the list were:  drink lots of water and then workout to sweat the toxins out.  Yes!  We can do that.  (Add a little lemon to your water and you’ve got heaps more alkaline health benefits as well.)  Another item on the list was massage; the lymphatic system needs physical manipulation to release toxins.  We can do that too!  How about increasing fiber?  I have a great odor-less and taste-less plant-based fiber powder that I add to many foods.  Did you know that increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, even if you make no other changes, can help you lose weight?

Stop by here and check out the rest of the article, and let me know what you think!  Have you tried these methods?  Did you see results?

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