Count Your Blessings: How to Recognize How Far You’ve Come

We all have our down days and our days when we wonder if we’ve really accomplished anything lately.  I’m writing this post a week before Thanksgiving, and the idea of giving thanks caused me to pause and wonder how we can switch our thinking out of the down-day-wallowing to gratitude and appreciation.  I’m focusing on businesses or major life goals with this post, but it certainly could apply to a health goal as well.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

As a recent business goal of mine approached, my stress level was rising just a little bit.  I am a perfectionist, and while I’m not perfect (darn it!), it bugs me when I miss a goal or when I feel like I’m not moving in the right direction.  Brain researchers will tell us that what we think about and focus on is what we will get more of in our lives, so I decided to try to avoid the wallow and instead take a look back at the history of my business and see what I could see.  I was feeling like I hadn’t made much progress lately in growing my business and I wondered if that was true.  We often rewrite history when we’re feeling down, right?

So, I sat down and looked at 30 months of information about my own business.  I went back to the beginning and I looked at revenue, customers, monthly patterns, and business partners.  Guess what I found!  GROWTH.  Putting all those numbers and patterns together it was very clear that my business has grown significantly.  It’s healthier and stronger now than ever before.  I have a better balance of revenue sources, and I can actually see that I’ve learned and improved along the way.  If you’ve done this before or do it often, this is probably not surprising to you, but I was shocked.  I had been feeling like I wasn’t making progress and I had been telling myself that at the beginning of my business I may have been “better” at what I was doing.  Not true – at all.  What an empowering, gratifying, amazing feeling it was to see progress and growth!  My hard work is paying off — and I’d bet that yours is too.

So, take 30 minutes this week and sit down and review your numbers.  Maybe you’re looking at your business or maybe you’re looking at your fitness plan or weight or eating habits.  Go back at least one year if you can and look at the pattern as you work towards the present.  There will be growth there.  Maybe it will be growth in revenue or sales.  Maybe it will be growth in the sense that you realize you actually do know so much more now than you did back then.  Maybe this review will remind you of some experiences that you thought were negative at the time but actually now have turned out to be great learning opportunities or blessings in disguise.  You will find reasons to be grateful and feel empowered.  I promise.

Share with us what you found!

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