Going Video – The Accidental Entrepreneur

I’ve been casting about for ways in which to share my story and the things I’ve learned during my 5 year network marketing journey, and I’ve settled on video.  Welcome to the new series “The Accidental Entrepreneur.”  I’ll be posting the videos on my YouTube … Continue Reading →

The Circle of Advertising: Have You Thought About It?

Hi friends and followers, I’m back!  This blog and I have had our busy and our slow periods, but here I am to continue chronicling my network marketing business for you.  Today I’m pondering something I talk about often: ads.  Who pays for them?  Does … Continue Reading →

Vlog #9: Little Things, Big Difference – Detox Your Life

My blog and vlog focus has always been the small changes we can make in our health and entrepreneurship choices that make a big difference over time. I’ve recently found a way to integrate these ideas into a key theme: detox your life. My posts … Continue Reading →

Vlog #8: What is Network Marketing? What is MLM? Why Do People Get Involved in Direct Sales?

I’m happily growing my network marketing business but I started to think the other day that many people may not really know what these businesses are, or why a company would choose to operate in this way, or why a person would choose to start … Continue Reading →

Vlog 7: 2 Tips for Making Tough Decisions; When to Use Your Head and When to Use Your Heart

As I was trying to decide what to do about a business interaction the other day, I realized something:  when trying to figure out whether a decision is the “right” thing to do, I needed to use my heart.  Deep down, we know the right … Continue Reading →

Vlog #6: Do Your Groceries Contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)? Food Additives, Your Health, and Nutrition

I was watching two TV anchors discuss Chinese food and MSG this morning and I realized that most of us may not be very well informed about Monosodium Glutamate in our food.  I was shocked to find that the salad dressings I was habitually buying … Continue Reading →

Vlog #5: How to Use Makeup Primer; Why to Use Makeup Primer?

Here’s the latest installment in my video blog:  Makeup Primer!  I tend to switch between health related subjects and business related subjects, and I think this qualifies for both.  In business – especially as an entrepreneur – you need to put your best foot forward … Continue Reading →

Vlog 4: Have a To Do List? Get Things Done as Soon as You Can, Lighten Your Load, Feel Better!

Here’s the latest installment of my video blog! Today I’m thinking about how much the items on our to do lists weigh us down and why we feel so much lighter and happier when we get them completed. Take a look! Please give me a … Continue Reading →

Vlog Post #3: Assume the Best; What Are Our Assumptions About Others?

Continuing with my Health & Entrepreneurship Vlog, here is #3:  Do you make positive assumptions about others when you interact with them in business (and in life)?  Assuming the best can make a big difference in the way people and clients respond to us! Please … Continue Reading →

Vlog #2: 4 Ways to Heal and Soothe Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

Small changes can make a big difference in health and in life.  Here’s my second video blog and this time we’re focusing on a troubling health issue for many people:  eczema.  I have had great success in calming my skin and wanted to share my … Continue Reading →