Guest Post: Watching the Evolution of a Business with Kelley from Femworking

Little things changed and built along the way will make a big difference… True for health and true for business.  For this week’s blog, I checked in with Kelley Sanabria, President and CEO of Femworking, a local women blogger and small biz networking organization.  Kelley … Continue Reading →

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Do You Have a Passion For Your Business? A Team Mission? Why Do You Need One?

Sometimes it seems that the universe is trying to give me a message.  So many things have converged over the past few days to make me think about passion and my mission as an entrepreneur, that I could tell that I needed to give this … Continue Reading →

what is mlm

Vlog #8: What is Network Marketing? What is MLM? Why Do People Get Involved in Direct Sales?

I’m happily growing my network marketing business but I started to think the other day that many people may not really know what these businesses are, or why a company would choose to operate in this way, or why a person would choose to start … Continue Reading →

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Featured on businessamongmoms.com — 3 Ways to Make Networking Groups Work for You

I am humbled and thankful that an amazing group of women entrepreneurs, Business Among Moms, asked to feature one of my recent blog posts on their site. Check out the post here.  I know that many of you are growing your own business or blog … Continue Reading →


Shout-out: Thankful for The Help, Inspiration, and Lessons From…

I started blogging about six months ago, and to be honest, did not particularly know what I was doing.  I have had some great help and inspiration along the way and I thought today would be a great day to share some of my resources … Continue Reading →

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Vlog 7: 2 Tips for Making Tough Decisions; When to Use Your Head and When to Use Your Heart

As I was trying to decide what to do about a business interaction the other day, I realized something:  when trying to figure out whether a decision is the “right” thing to do, I needed to use my heart.  Deep down, we know the right … Continue Reading →


3 Ways to Make Networking Groups Work for You; How to Network

Have you ever considered trying a Meet Up group?  Or maybe a BNI meeting?  Or maybe a seminar or training session for small business owners or women in business?  Did you hesitate because you worried about knowing how to network?  This was my concern up … Continue Reading →

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Featured on Parent Society Mom Blog Hot List; Blog Lessons; How to Blog

I just discovered that my “Lean In” post was featured on the Parent Society Mom Blog Hot List for the week of May 14th. Yeah! Check out their website and the other five blogs that were mentioned as well.  I’m pretty new at blogging (about … Continue Reading →


Liebster Award! Loving blog sharing; Great blog community

About a month ago I was nominated by Natasha of epicmommyadventures.com and Jamie of beingpositivewithadepressivesoul.blogspot.com for a newbie blog sharing award:   The Liebster Award!  I am ashamed to admit that it has taken me this long to respond.  I am very excited that both … Continue Reading →


Do You Lean In and Sit at the Table? Do Women Have to Choose Being Nice or Being Successful?

I am reading the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg (check it out here) and her ideas are profoundly resonating with me.  I had intended to have a health focus for this week’s blog post, but this topic of women speaking up equally is speaking … Continue Reading →